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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  February 10, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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also, 16 billion 30s. we saw the foreclosure numbers rise in december. will they continue to trend up or will all those bank modification programs push them down again? we'll have a new report tomorrow morning. one year after authorities shut down the global empire of allen sanford, 28,000 investors are much closer to getting answers. in a new original documentary, scott cohn shows us just how far the disgraced financier has fallen. today he lives in a jail cell like this one, only allowed out in chains for court appearances. kent schaffer is his lead attorney. >> he's going on 60 years old, how is he doing physically? >> i guess the best way to put it is, the man's depressed at the situation he finds himself in. >> you know there are a lot of people probably about 28,000 people who say, couldn't happen to a better guy? >> my response to the people
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that say that is, wait until you're in that position. >> join us tonight for more as scott cohn takes us through the story and tells us the story of one of the most far reaching cases of investor fraud. secrets of the knight airs tonight at 10:00 eastern. this market under pressure again today, financials were higher, though. the dow industrials finished town 20 points. have a great, snowy evening, everyone. i'll see you tomorrow. here's "fast money" right now. i'm in for melissa lee, this market is clearly confused. bernanke implying he's raising rates, we don't know when he's going to do that. all we do know is that in the meantime, this market is churning as investors take sides. pete, give us some clarity to this confusion, what were you
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trading today? >> it's not so much what was out there to trade, but because we're still stuck in this range. we talked about 1060 being an area where you had a little support. maybe 1080 on the up side, and that's where you state. you look at the volatility index. never signalled any panic. when you look at the volumes, bob, i think that speaks more than anything. the lack of volume, you're talking about the xlf, the quad-q's, the spiders, all $100,000 short of normal volumes. you look at apple trading less than half of its normal volume, it just wasn't there today, the volume wasn't there, don't read too much into today's action. >> i think what's important, we talked about last night on the show, stay away from the dollar trade. stay away from anything that is too tied to the currency world, have you no clue what's coming out of greece tomorrow, remains an uncertainty. that overall theme is not a theme investors want to play
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with right now. overall, i don't think we closed -- i am a bull looking to go overweight, i don't think the way we closed today is good, we are spending too much time on the lower end of this trading range, we need top extend friday's momentum, and we're not doing it. >> it's been a winter wonderland, look outside. >> yeah, yeah. >> we're going to get a greek loan deal of some kind, we don't know what it is. did you see that yield? are all governments going to pay a higher yield now regardless of what happens in greece? >> the 10-year option was disappointing. you had to pick up the interest from the indirect. i think the thing i want to watch in the market, tonight they come out with their cpi and ppi numbers. let's bring it back to everything the market had upset in the first place. rates are going higher around the world, china's taking stimulus out. we're going to hear more about
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greece, i don't think they're going to get a package tomorrow, i think that's another reason the dollar goes higher. we chimed in on that last night. tonight is what we're all worried about, china is taking stimulus out if you see inflation. if you see inflation, the dollar's going to rally more. >> pete hit it on the head, it's 1060, that's the 150 moving hours in the s&p, that's what everyone is watching right now. china, sovereign debt, what was the last leg down, where do we come from. 1080ish in the s&p, that's where we could make if back to, but we need some closure on sovereign debt. >> one guy has been erarly to warn us. gary, we have a better take on rates. what else do you need to know to get back in this market? >> hey, bob, we telegraphed last week, that there were three things i thought we needed to have in place, before we could have any kind of move in the equity markets, one was the idea
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the rates were going to go up. we talked about the sense of fall, and today was the beginning of the idea that rates have to go up, and the markets seem to absorb that okay, but again, it was as you pointed out a low volume day, but as we continue to talk about, as tim said, higher rates around the world, will the equity markets be able to absorb and digest that? >> gary -- >> there's two things that have to happen before the equity markets move up. we must see m & a, we must see m m & a ceo's confident in the market. i believe the ipo market sends a very strong signal that supply and demand of equities is balanced, and we don't see that now, as you know, bob, secondaries last week priced -- >> horrible, horrible, horrible. gary, the important thing is, bernanke did the right thing, did he not? at least he's starting to talk in the direction of fiscal responsibility. that's what people want to hear
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at this point. >> absolutely. >> what about this is showing responsibleabili responsibleability? nothing. i'm not saying they're being irresponsible, the fed told us nothing about rates, they indicated the rates are going to stay low for a long time. the critics of the fed would be critical of that, to me, nothing changed on interest rate today, and the market's reaction was appropriate, in other words, at first they saw the headlines, you got very scared. you saw is the s&p dive four or five points and people realized all the fed is doing is changing the mechanism, changing the way 234 which we watch the feds. they didn't tell you the rates are going higher today. >> there's nothing revolutionary going on here, you want them to make those statements about how they're going to try to adjust to the new market expectation. we don't want a revolutionary move. >> i don't know if that's answered. >> a question i got for you real quick. what kind of m & a are you talking about. there was a deal today, $1.27
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deal, it was an all stock deal. are you talks about cash deals? is that what you're looking for? more banks backing some of these deals? >> it's a matter of companies using cash to buy other companies, it's a combination of strategic deals, it's private equity being able to feel comfortable, they're doing deals, we know a lot of the funds beefed up last year, we're able to raise money. you're not seeing the confidence by ceo's, that they feel, that they look out six months and they're willing to do things. i want to say one thing, tim? >> yes, sir. >> we talked about pe's earlier in the week, even though today's message was not a clear signal, we need to have the language like bob said, that we're not going to be in a situation like japan and we're not going to have zero percent interest rates for the next ten years. we need to get on that. >> let's talk to pete. you've been dipping your toe into interesting stocks that have dividend pay.
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did you see what happened today? did you see 3 m raising the dividend. windham went from 4 cents to 12 cents? nearly 10% of the s&p 500 has raised their dividend in the last two months. >> and you've done a phenomenal job of pointing that out over the last couple weeks, couple months. when you look at some of these names i have, the reason they're core holdings, they have diversified assets and they pay a dividend. in most cases, they show some form of growth, despite the fact, like in the case of pfizer, they're going to lose lipitor, but they've moved into generics. that's what i'm looking at. in the energy space, you look at something like bp, when you look at the pharmaceuticals, you look at teva. there are plenty of names out there, they're not immune to being sold off. they can get hit with the rest of the market.
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they do have strong balance sheets. >> the trade may be moving away from the high data names, let's decide right now and go to the quality names you're talking about. you can look through all the uncertainty in the world right now, in the high quality names and see the fundamentals, we all agree, the fundamentals are there, they're good right now. disney today opened on the low, rallied throughout the day, why? because the fundamentals are strong. the 2009 theme was play high throughout the year. look at quality names, you see the fundamentals. >> most guys that are looking at the fundamentals are not trading in this market.
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>> both these stocks are in dangerous territory. it's a broken stock, but these are overdone. there's a case of there are too many high margin guys. bhp, you talk about other earnings today. mark was disappointed, you talked about this all day, the
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dividend wasn't as high as they expected. bhp, they want to save their money for acquisitions and organic growth. bhp will tell you everything you need to hear, coal prices are going higher, that's great for these. >> let's look at the futures, which i've been actively trading. the unwind of the carry trade, that's what happened last week. first it was copper, then oil, then gold. gold is the one thing people want to hang on to. it challenged the $75 level. when you look at all the commodities, the one commodity that stands out is oil, oil fundamentally will remain strong, the rest of the commodity space may roll over, you don't want to fall into the trap of oil. >> oil traded off by rand, though. that was a headline risk today. >> oil traded on institution aloe blind. institutions came in, they were gobbling up oil. once the dollar came off a little bit, there was
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institutional interest in the futures space. >> i'm going to say oil held off -- iran went to the back of the bus here, we're all worried about sovereign debts, everyone was focused on much different things. >> you were a big fan of that song flock of seagulls? >> we always bring up the '80s. >> before we get to commodities, the big brazilian minor. volley will have a disappointing 4th quarter because they have strikes in the nickel mines, because their cost conflicts -- looking forward volley is the best position miners in the world. it's a highway to play, brazil's been beaten up, bali's a great company. >> don't look past the upgrade yesterday in caterpillar. you're talking about invedible
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numbers right there, and then you look at names like peabody energy, upgrade today from jpmorgan, peabody got an upgrade. a lot of that having to do with valuation. also the fact that peabody has the direct pipeline, we had some incredible activity on monday buying those march 43, 45 calls, those calls performed very well today on the upgrade, opportunity to take some off, that's part of the beauty of this market. there are tradeable trades out there, offered every single day. more difficult from the investment stand point. >> let's move on and bring in dennis gavin here. it's a country that's the size of alabama, everyone across the globe is waiting for some kind of announcement on the bailout, very few, better than dennis gartman. what are you hearing in terms of that magical bailout tomorrow? >> there will be some sort of a bailout. it depends on how great. >> is bailout the right term? >> no, they will relieve the pressure that the market now
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feels, we'll get some, perhaps it's just going to be loans that get guaranteed, perhaps somebody will take loans off the books, won't be a bailout like we had in the united states, they will relieve the pressure, the problem that everybody faces, as soon as you take care of greece, how about us? portugal is smaller than greece, if portugal gets taken care of, how about us? you have one after another after another, and that's the real problem. >> there is no choice, germany is all in at this point. they have to defend the euro, if they don't, falls apart, and germany becomes irrelevant on the world stage. >> i'm not sure that germany becomes irrelevant on the world stage. they have to make some sort of agreement and say, we're going to do this together. one has to ask oneself, do the germans who have gone through the process of bringing east germany in, and knowing how difficult that process was, are th they willing to go to bat for
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greece? i'm not convinced they're willing to do that, or go the full length everyone seems to demand of them. >> they need $45 billion to get over the short term funding problems. >> they have no choice, this is their -- speaking of cds, this is a market where guides are going aggressively, over 5 billion went through the market today. this is where you start to get into scary territory. this is what dennis is talking about. we're getting into this area, where we could get a huge discussion on derivatives, it's shocking this market's not regulated. this is what the european central bank -- it's keeping them up at night, we're not going to get a statement tomorrow, i believe this is dollar positive. i think guys are already betting against this state right now? >> when i hear you speaking, it doesn't sound like there's a bold scenario here. if the market wants to be -- there's a bunch of dominos, it's a negative, negative.
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>> if they bail them out, that's a problem. if they don't bail them out, that's a problem. all they're going to do is defer the problem further down the line. this is a domino circumstance. i have never had a great belief that the eu was protracted over a period of time. >> how are you trade something. >> long dollars, australian and canadian dollars. i'm short euro and sterling, have been for a while. >> is there any commodities where you would say it's beaten up enough, you look at copper at $3. does that mean anything? >> i don't think i'm going to be short of copper at this point. i believe the markets have themselves very difficult circumstances ahead. the best of the commodity market is behind us. >> how about oil at this point? >> i'm going to go and say the last thing i wish to be short of is going to be crude oil.
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>> geo political at this point? >> yes, i think people forgot about the fact that for all intents and purposes you had what was almost a coup in nigeria today. the best crude in the world. >> what's new in nigeria. >> this is very new in nigeria, is s this is the first time, they've had a very stable presidency. and now you had -- >> a disruption to that oil market is something that oil supply disruption has not derailed, has not brought prices up in the last year, we're waiting for that kind of activity to set oil prices higher. >> it doesn't happen. >> i know your concern. >> don't go away. he's going to be sticking around. right back with an exclusive sneak peak tonight before it comes out tomorrow. we're going to have a look at it. currency commanding your trade's lately, with the dollar and euro jockeying for position. in this messy market, turns
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welcome back to "fast money." the market trading on hope and emotion rather than fundamentals. back in our headquarters, gordon of what are they saying? >> there's a ton of volatility, a ton of emotion. it seems like they're speaking greek, let's take a step back. let's bring up our cool an notater tool, we'll see the euro, we're going to climb 19 days to climb, we retrace back up to 146, then the next leg
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down, has lasted 20 days, okay? so now we went almost another 9 cents, what we're saying in this entire eurozone economic turmoil, we've had the economic leg pushed down in price and time. it's quite symmetrical, pull back in the market. i think there's a short term balkcoming as we head into the big announcement. >> that's the point. there's been a complete technical breakout. do you buy the euro going into this? what's the trade here? >> i think you would almost want to sidestep all the news and volatilit volatility. you can buy the euro, you have to be a short term disciplined player to make the move. i think we can wake and -- i don't want to say dumb money, wait for the euro, if we pull up
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the australian dollar chart, there's a big level, looks like we're going to break above this 87, 90 level. >> what do you think about -- the options guys, and you technical guys talk about this golden cross. so we have a situation here where the 50 is going to cross above the 200, signalling we may be in a much longer upward period for the dollar, that spells death for commodities, what's your view there. >> sure, i'm not going to disagree with it. i'm more of a price level trader. i would like to see pure price action. >> you're a technical guy? >> i'm a technical guy. >> that was yesterday. >> this australian dollar, we're going to push above maybe another 1 to 2 cent move higher. up around the 89 level in the australian dollar. i think heading into tomorrow, it could be a nice opportunity to goo the other way. >> just real quick, what's your
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favorite instrument then, is it the uup? how do you want to play the dollar? how could somebody at home play the dollar best? >> you could go uup which is the etf, the problem,if you're going to be long, you're going to be short euro and short yen. in an fx world right now, that's a dichotomy. look to those commodity etf which is a good vehicle. you could sidestep that volatility with all the euro and play that currency complex. >> thanks, todd. here's the market mystery that needs a little bit of clarity. we're going to give it to you. steve are higher rates typically bad for the banks? >> yeah, i think -- i know what's typically bad for the banks, taxes. that's bad for the banks. i think the bank tax in the middle of january that was unveiled for washington, if you see the charts on jpmorgan and goldman sachs it's pretty apparent what happened.
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>> steeper yield curve is better for the banks. >> i'll let you remember this, we have a lot of unknown regulation coming down the pike. you may have a lot of known layups, but there's a lot of minefields that exist at this point. that's why i think financials do a little tour on them until they settle in. >> little worries on sovereign debt issues, may help if you're a european bank? >> yes, it may help out today. deutche bank was up, credit suisse has a great report out today, if europe has to tighten its belt, a 1% fall really is big. it's a major cut for all european banks. if you think europe is going into a fiscal european situation -- >> is this a big of a head fake? >> i find it difficult to be
5:27 pm
bullish in the financials at this point. the best thing they have going for them is the positive slope to the curve. nothing helps a bank better, nothing turns banking geniuses out of idiots out of a slow curve. the problem banks have, they are looking for reform, they don't know what's going to happen. all trading is the study of people's propensity to do something. what's your propensity to do something when you don't know what's coming down the line for you. how difficult will the obama administration be upon the banking system? >> don't we have to stay away from health care because of that? >> i think you should stay away from health care because of that. >> we're totally paralyzed now as traders. >> no, not really. you can be short a lot of stuff that's going to work. confusion breeds contempt. i think what you have is confusion in a lot of areas. people's propensity to step up and make sound bets are extremely limited. >> you have to trade the market that you know. on the floor, as soon as someone
5:28 pm
in d.c., president obama gets on air, a yell across the floor of sold. it doesn't matter what your ideology is, you have to trade what you do know. >> very american, steve. >> i'm going to wear my ideology on my sleeve. >> as soon as the president goes on tv, sellers come out. buyers simply disappear. that's the reality. >> that is the clout. >> i want to emphasize, you're not making political statements here, you're simply saying is as a trader, is what you were seeing. >> a trader learns to trade reality. they have to be very harsh about it. >> you see them on television, traders sell the market. >> the market, whether you like it or not it has to do with the ideology. >> if you're wondering when the clarity's going to come -- joe's been dipping into jpmorgan.
5:29 pm
it's a broken chart. >> it's been broken since october. >> i have to see these names, january 21st, i see these names, i have to get above those levels. 200 today they broke -- >> you're the bull here on this particular one. >> listen, there's a certainty every day when you walk into work and you're trading. you just have to trade around it, if you look at a name like goldman/sachss, morgan stanley, jpmorgan, you've been following along the last couple days, we got down to 37.02, you have a point of reference. that trade is working. look at morgan stanley, look at goldman sachs. if you want to trade these names which is what we're supposed to be doing, you have point of references to work against right now. it doesn't mean the fundamental cloud clears and you put a tremendous amount of allocation into the entire sector. >> the entire market right now is at one big trading around everything. >> before we let you go, dennis.
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your newsletter comes out at 5:30 a.m. we all get it, get a life club over here. you're going to tell us what will be in it tomorrow? >> i'm going to talk about the same then i've been talking about for the last several days. i'm not sure the situation is going to go away any time soon. if germany bails out greece, portugal is right behind them. continue to sell the euro, sterling, continue to buy nonu.s. dollars, that's been the proper trade. >> that will be the story tomorrow? >> thanks, folks. are people ditching the new google for old?
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we have some hot after hours action. the company initiating a dividend, 15 cents. i don't think they've ever paid a dividend, folks. let's go to the flash gordon desk. do you know if they've ever paid a dividend?
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>> i believe this is is the first time. they beat by 7, 8, 9 cents on the expectation. i came in here before earnings, the chart looks great. let's pull up the daily chart of activision. we have a break going on now. right now i look down, we're dealing 10.74. we held a nice daily level at 10.004, we're moving higher. this pull back to the trace was on light volumes, we look higher right now. >> what about electronic arts here. good, bad, kind of news there for them? >> electronics arts looks a little sloppy to me, i have a trade going on here. i have the long call of duty trade, short tiger woods which is electronic arts, this chart looks a little nasty, we have 1630. question opened down this morning, below it, so provided 1630 holds as resistance right here, we'll look like we're going to target the prior lows of $14. >> let's move on here, todd, thanks very much.
5:35 pm
the analysts had their say here, now it's our guy's turn to weigh-in on what's going on. bank of america/merrill updating the buy? >> i believed in dell all this year, if you believe in the pc enterprise cycle, i like the dell story. >> next up, call it a day here, to google the goliath search is losing to aol? do you think there's any threat to google's dominance here? >> 90% of their revenues come from search. when you look at google, you're talking about who owns the space. yes, they lost a little bit, they still have 65% of the search space, they lost a little bit, and you have to be excited for bing, since the loss, all they've done is increase market share. that's been impressive, that yahoo has not given up on search completely. you look at the deal -- you've
5:36 pm
been dipping into this -- >> you're looking better every day. >> when you look at their cash balance, there's a lot of reasons to like google and their android is really starting to take off. the market share now for the android got over 5%, it's been strong for google. >> why not both. >> there you go. >> is bing really hurting them? >> they're not hurting them now. the whole point, these guys are the one that everyone's gunning for, if you look at msn's growth year over year, yes, at some point they do, because google starts to get distracted and look at all the things google is doing to increase their lead in the search. they're going into areas a lot of people are questioning, what their development really is. i think they care in the near term, no, it's not significant. >> and they're now building out that ultrafast bandwidth as well. google's trying to become something other than search.
5:37 pm
they're still search. microsoft, that's a diversified company, we all know that, if they can gain there -- >> anybody have thoughts on activision? >> no, but i do -- >> that's tough. >> how did that work out for you? >> talk about all the trades we do, crush things, come in here, money's falling out of my pockets, i'm doing so well. >> i'm a pretty humble guy. >> we're like your mothers, we're here to keep you honest. there's activism, a look in the afterhours. nice move after hours here. what else? what's high on your radar right now. >> i think it's just moving, i think when you look at the market right now, we've had the change. i think traders have to change as well. it's not 2009 any more. we're not going to get these well defined trends in the marketplace. you have to trade around certain fundamentals can you see, you have to get in, get out. >> activism has been eating others for lunch. todd's right when he refers to
5:38 pm
the chart of erts being broken. that is a name that comes up constantly, you probably hear it on the floors as well. a name that everybody brings up as someone may have acquisitional targets toward that name. at some point you can't give up on this one, that's why i think just because of the chart looking awful, there are interested buyers hovering around right now. >> do you go long? >> no. >> that dividend is a real shock to me. >> that's interesting. we're talking about a balance sheet that has zero debt with 2 plus billion in cash. they've decided to reward the shareholders, give them a leg up on rts. >> long call of duty is where you should be. not that i know much about that, but that -- gamercrop, that's where you should be. activism is still a buy at this point. >> you should not be up late playing video games. >> family man.
5:39 pm
>> tomorrow's trade, what do you think is the hot number for tomorrow. where do you think the greek gain goes tomorrow morning? >> we're going to wake up, there's going to be an announcement from the ecu tomorrow. >> they're not going to be able to do more than say they're monitoring closely. they're coming to greece -- by the way, huge strikes planned for tomorrow in greece across the board, because of the social impact on all of these big deficit cuts. it's not a pretty picture. the dixie breaks through the 80.47. >> and what are we going into? we have the chinese new year. you're going to have a burg of closings through brazil, we're going to slow down on volume even further. >> we have a fast money message to get to here. with all this trading volume, will the online brokers continue to gain momentum? >> what do you think? >> they certainly could, i don't know that that would be my favorite name i would target.
5:40 pm
that's why the stock traded at 1.50 rather than $15. clearly the online is growing, the volumes are cleared out every day when we hear from amar'e trade, when you look at the explosions in the last couple years, that's been a huge driver, particularly for ameritrade. et/pepsi, love the name, but i think they have too many weights hanging around. >> you talk about the market 2self. i ask you, you're on the stock exchange floor. do you feel like friday was the low versus where we are today? did you feel better about the low on friday, or better about the low today? >> i think all of these lows are very temporary right now, it's going to be -- >> on friday -- >> for the moment, i think friday was low. easily, very easily, the next great things that are out there, it's not just the sovereign debt issues, but what's going on with the economic picture. >> the low on friday was short covering, guys that were whipped
5:41 pm
around in this marketplace, they wound up being long on all the medals, they got short, and they were not going to get burned both long and short, they decided to cover their positions. that's what the move was on friday. this mark set poised to go lower. >> you want to navigate what's going on here with the greek debt threats? like a hedge fund manager? we'll pick out the tools you need to do that next when we come back.
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welcome back to fast money. do you want to profit from the debt scary grief rumbling through the market? you don't need to be a hedge fund manager. no one knows this better than tom light. tom, i got five etf's i want to run down with you quickly. first is the long dollar one. huge volume in it recently, and the important thing is, it's been going either way. we saw a nice little move up here recently. where do you think it's headed from here? >> it just broke above its 200 day average. you can't fight the trend. assets are up over 500% over last year, more money's flying
5:45 pm
in, it's going higher. >> it's the volume i find interesting. we've had more volume. the short dollar etf. that symbol, the udn. important thing here, it plays the exact opposite side of that, that is the mirror image of that one there. >> this is a simple question, whether you want to be long or short, in these two etf's. >> well, i think on the down, same thing, just broke below its 200 day average recently. short the dollar, not the place to be, we saw bernanke today outline this plan for higher interest rates we see problems with the euro, probably going to see the dollar going-forward. >> how do i play the corporate bond market through an etf? >> real easy, there's a high yield i shares i box junk bond which is great. it's up -- the yield is 9.5% right now, and you can see again from a technical standpoint with
5:46 pm
a correction in the last few days, high off 5%, but just hit its two-day average. hyg is the tick eer symbol. >> i want to look at the euro, they're getting crushed recently. the volume has been enormous in the last day and a half. any thoughts on where this is going? we can't see the volume, that's why i'm bringing. everything i'm bringing up here has had immense volume in the last 10 days? >> everybody's sitting on the sidelines watching this, and they're seeing it's a big currency play right now, the markets in general are uncertain, one thing that is certain is there's probably going to be higher interest rates in the states, we're probably going to see more of a flight to safety with the dollar, we've also seen the yen with the recent stability -- actually, the yen in the last month has been up greater than the dollar. that's another play, if you're looking for safety. >> all right, tom, appreciate
5:47 pm
the help, thanks very much. always good to see you. >> thanks, guys. we have a fast money message we want to get to. what does pete think of underarmour. the company just reported a 75% increase, the company is on the rise. >> there's two companies out there, underarmour and nike. i look at nike, and despite all the headaches everyone expected with tiger woods and the rest of the fallouts, that stock continues to perform, and they continue to perform on earnings and revenue. >> kevin befriended the show, don't you wish they would move out of that footwear space? it seems like that's the problem. >> i'm with you, i don't know that the footwear. i know he's big into it, he's bought into that, i still think nike owns. >> i'm with you, nike all the way. minerals up 16% over the past few weeks, somebody's got to
5:48 pm
shovel all the snow and drop everything down there. >> the move is completely overdone. is that right to be sold off at this point in the unless we get another 19 storms like we had, this docket is short. talk about a short term trade too. a drop for continental exchange, big energy. >> guy's done a phenomenal job this year talking about good news. in the ice, you had bad news today, relatively good price action. begin to look, the stock has been beaten down from 113 to 95. it's got one of timmy's commodities, sugar. if you look at the ice, it may be time to get it to the long side. >> why are the coal stocks become such tools for momentum traders? why are they so volatile, so heavily frayedehe heavily traded? >> china. you're talking about thermal energy, steel, all the influence. it was the jpmorgan downgrade
5:49 pm
that had a much bigger impact on the market than the upgrade of btu. even though steve thinks every gift begins with kay and joe loves jared, tiffany is still a big dog, upgrade. >> we have a pop, president obama has been in office a little over a year. there's a billboard in minnesota with the image of former president george w. bush saying, miss me yet? a small group of business owners printed up the sign fed up with washington and their policies. up next, super bowl was the most watched tv show ever. it also put the huge driver behind the big trade. the next billboard coming up next.
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5:52 pm
we want to get back to todd on the gold desk. are we there yet? >> we've been focusing on this
5:53 pm
156, 157 level for goldman. financials have been underperforming a bit in the last couple days. i think maybe move up to 156, 157 may look top go the other way. do you agree? >> i'm looking at that same thing, it seems like 148, 150. they have a level of some kind of support. today it was 155 and immediately started to pull back, i agree with you, i keep waiting for any kind of break out of the range it's stuck in. >> absolutely. >> they had us on the split screen one night, how are you feeling about morgan stanley? >> i still own the son of a gun. >> you heard dennis garvin say it today, he's staying away from the whole sector. i don't think it can move higher without financials. i know it did in the 4th quarter. >> we see morgan stanley here, we're tracking closely to
5:54 pm
goldman sachs. >> it kind of edged higher today, there's an outstanding gap in the chart from february 4th, it pushed higher on relatively low volume. it did close the gap, let's take a quick look. yeah, right in this area, but the gap was closed, so maybe goldman doesn't get the 155, 156, but morgan looks set to move lower. >> where is the price gap exactly? >> from february 4, that low was 27.82 on morgan and it was closed today. >> time for the fast money poll of the day. today's question, are you a buyer of toyota here? buy, own the world's largest carmaker on the cheap. see if they can make up for the pr missteps they've made, long term image, the damage is done. >> log on to fast, vote right now. coming up, find out why the governor has driven a ford lately?
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final trade in a moment. an all new american greed tonight where two women 23r go
5:58 pm
from insurance fraud to murder. time for the fast money final trade, let's go around the horn. let's get you a little eastern european tkc. now with the toyota debacle, they're in a better position. >> looks like a ka pcapitulatio take a look. half time report time 5:00 p.m. on "fast money." tomorrow, the sweet sound of profit, it takes a smart trader to make a smart pick. what's the chair woman's next big value play? plus, the selloff? bull market or just a correction?
5:59 pm
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